What can I make with rye flour that really features the flavor?

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AntoniaJames April 13, 2011
Swedish limpa breads are nice. They are scented with orange and caraway (though I substitute cardamom for the caraway, as I don't care much for the latter). There's an excellent recipe for it in Dolores Casella's "A World of Breads." My mother served it at dinner parties (with other Scandinavian foods) when I was a girl, to rave reviews. Consider, too, incorporating a bit of pumpernickel flour in your rye breads. It is a rough rye and full of flavor. (It is to rye flour what graham is to wheat, but pumpernickel adds even more texture.) I always keep some on hand, and in fact, plan to make some crackers with it later this week. ;o)
stack April 13, 2011
It calls for sourdough leavening, but Daniel Leader has a recipe for "Pierre Nury's Rustic Light Rye" in his Local Breads book that is far and away my favourite rye bread ever.

You can find it online at various baker sites and blogs.

Kristen M. April 13, 2011
Crackers would be great for showing off rye's nutty flavor too -- I haven't tried this recipe (yet), but it looks good! Olive Oil Parmesan Crackers: http://bit.ly/gQ6Rc5
lastnightsdinner April 13, 2011
My husband has been baking Michael Ruhlman's caraway rye bread for a few months now and it's fabulous (easy, too, he says): http://ruhlman.com/2011/01/rye-bread-recipe.html
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