Is the chickpea flour mandatory?

I hesitate to add a whole new flour to my packed pantry for 1/4 cup -- can we substitute with regular flour or anything else?

  • Posted by: Erin
  • January 14, 2021


Valhalla January 15, 2021
I'd leave it out before substituting, because it adds flavor as well as thickening. You could dispense with it quickly by making the pancakes Nancy recommended, and there are several Indian recipes that could make use of it.
Nancy January 14, 2021
Probably not...could use whole wheat or rye as a replacement with some nuttiness or kite flavor than AP.
But/and if you get the chickpea flour it will open up a range of new dishes.
Nancy January 15, 2021
Auto Incorrect wrote "kite"
I meant "nutty"
Nancy January 15, 2021
My two favorite chickpea flour recipes are pancakes, one from India, one from southern France. Have a look, if you like the ideas.
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