Quantities seem off? Not enough liquid?

I made this and find the quantities seem off. The marinade calls for 2 Tablespoons if soy sauce, 2 teaspoons of maple syrup and 1 of vinegar which adds up to very little liquid. In the video, the pound of mushrooms looks light compared to mine. The was marinade left over to add later, but scarcely enough to coat my pound of mushrooms with none left over at all. Could the quantities be off? Seemed it needs more liquid for a pound of mushrooms. Any thoughts?

sergio.bakas@gmail.com bakas
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1 Comment

Nancy January 19, 2021
Sergio - I think the lack of sauce is a feature not a bug.
Read (again?) the headnote - the recipe is designed to make a crackly, crunchy texture with the sauce cooked in.
If you want, add more liquids to make a more traditional liquid sauce for the pasta.
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