I have a jar of marinated artichokes and was wondering if it is okay to use this same marinade again for mushrooms?



Kristen W. July 24, 2019
My understanding is that once a vegetable is marinated or pickled in anything acidic, some of the liquid from the veg will leech into the marinade/pickling liquid. If you re-use the marinade/pickling liquid it will therefore have more water content and a) be more diluted and b) potentially have less effectiveness as a preservative. That said, I re-use pickling liquid sometimes out of laziness (but we’ll call it efficiency!) and it works but just a little less well than the first time around.
Isabel D. July 24, 2019
Hi Kristen. Good to know and makes sense. Yes, efficiency sounds a lot better than laziness, lol!
Kristen W. July 25, 2019
Hi Isabel, wanted to make sure it was clear that I wasn’t trying to imply that you were lazy - was only making fun of myself!
Isabel D. July 25, 2019
Hi Kristen... I certainly didn't take it that way, just found it comical. Have a good one!
Emma L. July 23, 2019
Hi Isabel! Fun idea—that should work fine. I'd just keep them in the fridge and use them within a week.
Isabel D. July 24, 2019
Hi Emma. I was just considering it because I'm unable to buy marinated mushroom around here where I live. I then looked up a recipe and figured since I had the artichokes on hand why not use that marinade instead of making one. As Kristen (above) mentioned it's efficiency and not laziness. Thanks, ladies!
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