How to revive balsamic vinegar

I have half a bottle of good balsamic vinegar than has become so thick that it won’t pour. How to revive or dilute?



Miss_Karen February 1, 2021
You could set the vinegar bottle in a container of really hot water & let it stay there for a few minutes. I do this with honey all the time. This loosens it up enough to pour it out.
eastover90 January 21, 2021
Thanks. Yes, I’ve done just that.
Lori T. January 21, 2021
Actually, if you are going to add in another vinegar- why not add in a newer and smaller bottle of balsamic vinegar? What makes the stuff so valuable is the fact that it has concentrated over the years through evaporation from the storage casks. New vinegar would not have quite the same character, but your older stuff would certainly share and improve it.
eastover90 January 21, 2021
Thanks for the reply-problem is that I can’t get the thick glob out of the wide but flat oval shape bottle with a very narrow neck. I’ll add some red wine vinegar and see what happens.
702551 January 21, 2021
I would add water but only to the portion that will be immediately used. I would not add water to the whole bottle.

After all that's what's missing through evaporation.
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