Why oh why is Flavor Flours cookbook so expensive

I am new to needing to learn alternative flours which have changed my life/health for the better. Made an Alice Medrich recipe that was altered from Flavor Flour and now want to purchase the book, which was published in 2014, with an update in 2017 adding the word "Gluten-free" in the title. Supposedly this was produced in paperback, but I can't find it anywhere and the only hardcovers are all $100+!! What am I missing? I don't use e-books so that version is out. I know this isn't a cooking question but curious if any insights out there!

  • Posted by: LaMar
  • January 24, 2021


Xtonia February 8, 2021
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Valhalla January 25, 2021
Yowza, I should sell mine, lol. I am surprised it was never reprinted given the gluten-free surge. At least there are several others out there, but maybe keep an eye out whenever you pass a used bookstore?
Nancy January 25, 2021
Guess it's supply and demand. More demand than expected from first or early printings and no recent reprinting.
If you want to use the hardback book now for more baking, look at your local library for a copy to borrow.
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