Do you have to beat eggs before you scramble them?

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To add fluff to your scramble add some cool water or ice chips, approximately 1 tbs per egg. And scramble well. In. A very hot pan add a touch of high heat rated oil. Let the oil become hot. Turn heat down to medium and add the eggs. Let cook for a few seconds then shake and stir the pan until the eggs barely set. Enjoy
pierino April 13, 2011
Just please don't drag a fork around a teflon plan (many people do) unless you would like to ingest teflon scrapings.
Kristen M. April 13, 2011
No, you don't need to but it'll give them a more uniform consistency. If you don't mind bits of yolk and white, that can be good too! Just break the egg into a hot pan and scramble as you go.
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