For mystery novel: seeking info about large antique cast iron oven

Hi all, first time poster here! I'm looking for someone who might know something about antique ovens, researching for a mystery novel I'm writing. I'm looking for (and thought I found one a year ago) evidence that old fashioned bakeries might have had ovens big enough to fit a tall thin person inside without much trouble. Does anyone know if that exists? Thank you!

  • Posted by: eliz
  • January 31, 2021


Nancy January 31, 2021
Eliz - good luck.
Meanwhile, 2 things.
First, look at a site for mystery writers who include cooking or cooks who write mysteries. They may know more.
Second, please tell us rough time and place (city and/or country) the book is set. "Antique" is a big period.
Nancy January 31, 2021
PS looked around a but after I wrote first answer. We don't have many antique ovens surviving...they were temporary structure and/or burned often.
Enclosed spaces were small, for baking breads from all members of the community.
Spaces big enough for animals (possibly related to your plot) were often open roasting fires.
eliz February 1, 2021
Hi Nancy, thank you so much!! The link to the cozy mystery blog is a great resource, I didn't know about it. Thanks!! I'm thinking that just for size, I may need to change the item to something like an old boiler or a furnace or something. Thank you!!
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