cooking technique question for a 3 1/2 inch bone-in rib eye

Hello everyone!
We just bought a huge, 3 1/2 inch bone-in ribeye and are looking for suggestions for how to cook. My husband usually cooks steaks either sous vide then sear or cast iron then oven. However I am not sure we can vacuum seal with bone in for the sous vide and I am wondering if the cut is too thick to do on cast iron. Any suggestions? Thanks!!

kate sinatra


Julija February 5, 2021
Best technique without any fancy equipment is the "reverse sear" (lots of recipes if you search). Another that I've used with success on a multi-rib prime rib is to use a blowtorch on the meat initially, then a long slow roast in the oven (look for Thomas Keller's prime rib technique).
kate S. February 5, 2021
I did see the reverse sear technique. We have never tried it that way so I think it would be a great excuse to try it (my husband is very set in his steak-cooking ways). Thanks Julija! I will try to update the forum with results.
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