(80) eight ounce sirloins for a wedding!? Sous Vide help!

I’m cooking 80 steaks for a wedding and want to use a sous vide to cook them perfectly, and then sear for a nice char before serving.
My plan is to use a 27 gallon tote from Costco and possibly two sous vide circulators. Thoughts?! Am I going about this all wrong? Any suggestions are appreciated!

  • Posted by: Aves
  • January 7, 2020


Nancy January 8, 2020
Some on-line fora like chowhound and e-gullet have reports of how home cooks made steak sous vide for family meals or largish gatherings (25-50 people).
May have procedures usable for the upcoming 80-guest wedding.
Also, you have enough time between now and then to test a method or two (how long to freeze and defrost, or hold in fridge after sous vide and before searing).
And see which is easiest, or gives best results.
Sounds ambitious and lovely.
Nancy January 8, 2020
Also reddit.
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