Can I substitute honey for sugar?

Excited to try this recipe. I wonder if I could sub honey or maple syrup for the white sugar?

Sarah Graham Vanderbeek
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1 Comment

Lori T. February 12, 2021
You could use honey, but it would take some experimentation to get things adjusted right. Honey is sweeter than sugar, so you would need significantly less white sugar. About half, if I recall correctly. Plus you would need to adjust liquids, since honey brings a bit of that. You'd also need to add in baking soda to counter the acidity of the honey and to counter the increased density of the honey. I don't think you could as easily sub it for the brown sugar, though. Brown sugar contains molasses, which coats the sugar grains. How much depends on the company making it, but you'd have to add that back in as well- for the moisture and flavor. Then you would want to keep an eye on things in the baking, and be prepared to adjust baking temperature and time, because honey browns faster than sugar. I hate to discourage experimentation, but in some cases, it's sometimes best to stick with the recipe pretty much as written rather than tinker with substitutions of the critical building blocks.
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