Breaded Chicken Pieces Not Good

I bought a case of breaded chicken that is not very good and I can't return. It comes out very dry and tasteless when cooked as directed. What can I do to salvage this? I have an instant pot and slow cooker.

  • Posted by: DawnaH
  • February 13, 2021


VALÉRIA P. February 25, 2021
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Thanks !!
DawnaH February 13, 2021
I previously tried the bbq sauce route, and still was not happy, but you gave me an idea. I used Ragu spaghetti sauce and monterey jack cheese to make chicken parm and it is pretty good. Spread the sauce liberally and baked in the oven in a casserole dish for about two hours to let it soak in. Thank you.
Nancy February 13, 2021
DawnH - yes, try mixtures you like containing some moisture fat and flavor. Things you like and make. Try small sample batches and treat if you like. Breaded chicken can take many strong flavored sauces ...mole, butter chicken or curry, green sauces (pesto and its cousins), etc.
Nancy February 13, 2021
Forgot to mention another way to add moisture and flavor.
Use the cooked breaded chicken as a sandwich filling. Garnish with moisture-laden vegetables and pickle, and fat-laden salad dressings to complete the flavor profile.
Lori T. February 13, 2021
It sounds like good case for using a sauce- sweet and sour, teriyaki, orange, or even bbq - to coat the chicken after cooking, You might also be able to remove a great deal of the breading if you thaw it and scrape it away from the chicken pieces. Then you can cook them and see if it's the breading portion that is the problem, and if the chicken won't pick up some seasoning from whatever sauce you opt to use.
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