How to get a better brûlée topping

I’m happy with my creme, but never happy with my brûlée. I use turbinado sugar, 1-2 teaspoons per serving (the shallow, fluted dished about 4” in diameter) and a torch to burn it. It always ends up paper thin. I like the thicker burnt sugar crust I get at restaurants. What do I need to do to get that.

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1 Comment

SillyBee February 16, 2021
I haven't tried this but have two thoughts. First, have you tried using extra fine granulated sugar (sold in the supermarket as Baker's Sugar). You may have to torch it more slowly and farther away to get to melt evenly without burning. Secondly, you might want to invest in a Creme Catalana set. It's the iron you really want and restaurants use it to get that really crackly, thick crust. I understand getting the right temp takes a little trial and error but you may achieve exactly what you're looking for.
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