How can I make a loaf of bread like the one on the picture below?

It looks like a croissant, but I am not sure. How to fold the dough to look like that. Thank you

  • Posted by: alice
  • February 14, 2021
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Lori T. February 15, 2021
I believe what you have a picture of is a type of pull apart bread. The dough is rolled out in long strips, coated with butter and other flavorings, then cut into squares and stacked. The stacks of squares are then fitted into the loaf pan to rise. You can find plenty of recipes for pull apart loaf bread, or "tear and share" loaf bread on the internet. Some are sweet, some savory- depends on what you are wanting it to be.
alice February 15, 2021
Thank you, Lori. I am always trying to make a different bread and this one is a beautiful one. I will have a look for a pull-apart loaf of bread online recipes. Good tip! I really appreciated your help. 😊
Nancy February 14, 2021
Alice - not exact, but here are 3 recipes (one from here and 2 from elsewhere) for croissant loaf. One is made of swirls, another of leftover bits of dough, another looks like a giant individual croissant.
FYI your desired loaf does NOT look like it was cut. Rather, from the picture, many folds of dough were put vertically in loaf pan (instead of horizontal on baking sheet for regular individual croissant). You could make a normal croissant dough, and bake it that vertical way to get a loaf.
alice February 15, 2021
Thank you so much, Nancy. I really appreciated the time you took to answer me. I really want to be able to make a pretty bread like that.
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