Is cashew cream a suitable substitute for dairy cream in a cooked sauce?

I want to make a diary free Chicken Pot Pie for a lactose intolerant guest, will cashew cream provide the same consistency in the pie gravy as actual heavy cream, and will baking the sauce have any effect on it? I once tried to substitute cashew cream for heavy cream in a potato gratin and the results were... not edible. So I'm a little cautious to try this for a dinner gathering.



Lori T. February 19, 2021
I've never had luck using cashew cream- though I'd be the first to admit that I've only attempted it maybe 3-4 times. In your situation, I would be more inclined to use either soymilk or silken tofu. I'd also add in a splash of vegetable oil to make up for the missing fat found in heavy cream. If you are cooking the chicken yourself, you could also use some of the broth with the chicken fat to thin out the tofu, which would solve the fat part of the "cream" equation, and bring a bit more chicken flavor reinforcement.
lilroseglow February 19, 2021
Thanks, I'm going to give your suggestions a try.
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