Is there a substitute for cream cheese in this quiche crust?

I very much dislike cream cheese and will have no plans to use it beyond this crust - but I also really try to avoid handling it as well (a textural issue w/ some bad memories attached...). Is there any substitute or must I include this in the crust?

  • Posted by: eluu
  • February 19, 2021


libba February 24, 2022
May this be frozen whole ahead of time, as opposed to just the crust?
Emma L. February 22, 2021
Hi Eluu! The cream cheese makes this crust more tender than an all-butter one, which I love in a quiche. But! Def feel free to swap in your favorite pie crust recipe—whether it's butter, shortening, etc—and use that instead.
Nancy February 20, 2021
Look at the site chefspencil which has a list of about 10 replacements, some dairy, some vegan. See which look good, are available, close in consistency and use one of them.
Generally, the dream cheese makes a more supple and rich crust. Omitting it is possible, but the crust will be less rich.
Nancy February 21, 2021
Should read: the cream cheese makes...(not dream cheese)
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