Recommendations for an electric hand mixer (something less expensive than the lovely Viking model the Foodpicklers of the Week just won)? I've had a 5-speed Cuisinart for years and always hated it. There is no low speed -- on setting 1 the thing whirs like a tornado and splatters what it's mixing everywhere!

  • Posted by: AEC
  • September 28, 2010


Midge September 29, 2010
I have the same turbo Cuisinart, which I never use for just that reason.
pierino September 29, 2010
Yes, I have a 9 speed KitchenAid as well. I'll choose their stuff over Cuisinart any day.
TiggyBee September 28, 2010
I have a Kitchenaid that I love. 9 speeds and not overly heavy. Not too sure of price though, I've had it a while. Maybe $65.00 or so.
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