What to do with black radishes?

I got 5 good sized black radishes in my produce box and have never tried them before, what do people like to do with them?

Grace Lindquist


Lori T. February 26, 2021
I'd suggest two ways, but taste a sliver to decide. If they are not too stout- I like them shredded and in a grated salad along with carrot, green onion, and an "Asian" inspired sesame oil/ginger vinaigrette. They are also pretty good simply roasted, coated in olive oil, salt and pepper. If the skins are really thick and tough, they will slip off after roasting- and you can mash the white insides up with butter. In fact, you can mash them along with roasted potatos, and that's pretty yummy too - but without the skins, since that makes for a real unappetizing color scheme in the final mashup.
Grace L. February 27, 2021
those both sound great, thank you!
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