Delicious, but shaping directions not clear

Most biscotti recipes give directions for length and width of 'logs' and call for flattening top. Do you mean ropes are 1" wide (says thick) on pan? And again, when cutting, I assumed that you meant 1/2" wide (it says thick) slices. This gave me approximately 120 biscotti, not 50... Apart from some confusion with directions, I did find them delicious.
Thanks for the recipe.

  • Posted by: LaReine
  • March 8, 2021


Emiko March 9, 2021
Hi, I'm sorry that the directions weren't clear enough for the shaping (as Nancy suggested, yes, I did indeed mean 1 inch high not wide, thank you Nancy!). No need to flatten them (we do not usually do that here in Tuscany but it is not "wrong" if you do). And the photographs should help. But honestly you can't go too wrong here, you can make them however thick and whatever shape you like, every household would do it a slightly different way according to how they they like it! Glad to hear you enjoyed them!
LaReine March 11, 2021
I actually love the way they came out with many small cookies. And based on your photo I cut them straight across for a change which made the tips much less fragile. Also the flavoring is subtle and not too sweet. I make biscotti regularly and this recipe will definitely in regular rotation. Thanks again!
Nancy March 8, 2021
I wouldn't worry. You could shape and cut the dough and 1st-baked logs as you please, or as you do with other similar recipes. The taste and crunch will still be there, whatever the shape.
Or, look at other tozzetti recipes, which ask for logs about 2" wide then cut in cookies at 3/4" intervals.
Last, to go back to Emiko's recipe, partly consult the photos for help. She cuts about 8 cookies from each of 6 dough ropes, to get the approx 50-count yield. Last, in the recipe when she says 1" thick, I think she means 1" high.
Nancy March 9, 2021
PS- sorry about name spelling. Auto incorrect kept changing it to Laraine. Put an "e" in and got another error.
LaReine March 11, 2021
BTW please excuse the grandiose sounding name. La reine is actually kind of a joke on my real name, Lorraine, and I didn't know it would appear. =}
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