Help! What am I doing wrong? This color isn't right.

Jessica, this cake recipe came out perfect, but how do you get yours that nice chocolate color like in the picture? I did exactly what you said, but mine looks like cookies 'n' cream. I need to make this again tomorrow and was hoping to get the chocolate color.

Chocolate Cake, 1847
Recipe question for: Chocolate Cake, 1847


Jessica R. March 25, 2021
Hi Nancy, I used a microplane to grate the chocolate if that helps! I hope it worked out well the second time!
Nancy March 25, 2021
Ok and good to know.
Nancy March 24, 2021
Agree with comments so far - maybe you're doing everything right, and ingredients either naturally come as bought or bake together to a different shade than in recipe photo.
But/and if you really want a dark color, you could make a version with red food coloring, as is sometimes used in Red Velvet Cake.
HalfPint March 24, 2021
I don't know that you did anything wrong. It may be that Jessica grated her chocolate more finely, possibly she created a more powdery chocolate .
Emily K. March 24, 2021
This would be our guess, too. Hope it goes well for you today!
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