chocolate chip cookies and cracked top

We make a large amount of chocolate chip cookies, and the recipe is your basic one. Sometimes, they turn out like death valley; all cracked and pale on top. Other times they are perfect in color and texture. I make them and freeze them already scooped , then they are pulled and put on trays in the walk-in for the morning baker. So something happens in between that time, and randomly too. ANY ideas???



dinner A. September 2, 2015
Since they turn out well if you bake them straight from the freezer, but not when they're put in the walk-in, I suspect that the chilling of the baking trays in the walk-in could be the problem. Heat transfer to baked goods via the baking sheet can have a huge effect on their final form, so the retarding effect of a cold baking sheet could be making the cookies bake strangely.
bishopbright September 1, 2015
We have tried covered and uncovered. Currently we are in cover mode. I don't think I'll ever know the randomness to this little puzzle.
PieceOfLayerCake September 1, 2015
There are times when something doesn't work out for me in the kitchen and I truly never figure it out. Such is the nature of baking. Often it resolves itself, sometimes I have to find another option. I would just continue to tweak it. I still think it sounds like a mixing issue. I know everyone's worried about overmixing doughs and batters, but undermixing is just as common, if not more.
PieceOfLayerCake August 31, 2015
Like, cookies from the same batch will bake up differently? I was going to say it sounds like the sugar isn't fully emulsifying. That was my issue when my brownies were looking dull and cracked.

I used to have the same routine at my last bakery: make large batches, scoop them, freeze them, pull them the night before and bake them in the morning. I didn't ever have an issue with them sitting in a refrigerated environment, uncovered.
bishopbright August 31, 2015
If we bake them straight from the freezer, they are beautiful. I was thinking that during fridge time something with humidity? Maybe breaking down the sugars or something?
PieceOfLayerCake August 31, 2015
Everyone's fridge is different...but they generally dehydrate....which could be the problem. Have you tried covering the sheet pans with plastic?
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