is it safe to can curry paste?

is canning curry paste safe?

  • Posted by: Barbara
  • March 25, 2021


Valhalla March 26, 2021
I have frozen homemade Thai curry paste for much longer than a month and it held up fine. I use either a ziplock bag or a straight-sided freezer safe jar.
Nancy March 26, 2021
Thanks...good to hear your actual longer-than-a-month usage.
Lori T. March 26, 2021
As a paste, probably not. One of the safeguards with pressure canning relies on the contents of your jar reliably reaching high enough temperatures to kill off botulism and being held there for some time. So as a thick paste, that would be pretty difficult to be sure happened. There is also the possibility that you could end up with a temperature inversion of sorts inside the jar, which could end in the jar breaking as it heated or cooled immediately after processing. So the best way to preserve a curry paste would be to freeze it, honestly. Now all that said, you could pressure can it as a sauce and there are recipes on the web for doing that. I make up a curry base sauce myself, which I use as the basis of Indian curry dishes during the year to save some time and effort. That might be a better way to go, if you are determined to preserve in jars.
Nancy March 26, 2021
Logically, as there are commercial preserved curry pastes, it should be possible to do home canning of them. But I've never seen or heard of recipes for it.
Most people who make curry paste from scratch do it per recipe or per batch they are cooking.
If you want to do it in bulk, there are recipes for freezing it up to one month (either in jars or in ice cube trays for easy portioning and use).
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