What white wine available in the US (vintner and type, please) do you recommend for de-glazing a pan when making chicken or turkey gravy?

Sometimes the flavour comes through too noticeably. Thank you.

Mrs Beryl Patmore


Miss_Karen October 14, 2019
I agree with Cline wines and can highly recommend Sonoma wineries or Alexander Valley/ Russian River. I would go for a Pinot Gris/Grigio or a Sauvignon Blanc. Chateau St.Michelle vintners produce a quality product consistently. Willamette Valley (Washington) is known for their white wines. I like Caneros Vintners....Napa is all hype.
boulangere October 12, 2019
I am partial to anything from Cline Vineyards in Sonoma, California. When I owned a restaurant in Northern California, I served several of their wines. My favorites, I have to say were Red Truck and White Truck, which unfortunately they no longer make. White Truck has been replaced with their Farmhouse White. It's a wine that can be most happily served at table and used in cooking, a kind of rare combination. It has a tartness which plays well with rich flavors in either application. I recommend it highly.

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