What can I substitute of the half and half? Don't have any!

  • Posted by: Marnely
  • April 15, 2011
"Nutella" Pudding
Recipe question for: "Nutella" Pudding


Arathi April 15, 2011
I'm so sorry, just seeing this now, I'm having a pretty crazy time at work. In this case, I would actually just substitute whole milk for the half and half. I haven't tried it myself (am meaning to and will post an update then), but Nutella has only skim milk per their ingredients and I think a higher proportion of milk would be more true to taste/texture as opposed to using cream. Although, I'm sure cream would be good as well, I think you'd be fine just using all milk.
hardlikearmour April 15, 2011
What do you have? I've used a 50-50 mix of milk and cream in similar situations with good success. You could also use 7/8 cup milk and 1&1/2 T butter per cup of half & half.
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