Bread making - dough scraper - which to get

After a couple of trial attempts where I tweaked a recipe slightly, and had favourable results, I have decided to experiment further with bread recipes, especially as I find that I can produce a more interesting loaf than I can obtain locally, especially in lockdown.

Do readers prefer a plastic or metal dough scraper? I guess the former is better for getting every last bit from the bowl whereas the latter is good for slashing tops of proving loaves. Views?

Also - is there any other equipment beyond tins and baking sheets that you would recommend investing in? Thank you.

Heather Baker


Emily K. April 9, 2021
Hi Heather! We agree with Gammy and Nancy—both are great options. Since it sounds like you're in the market, definitely check out our new Five Two Ultimate Baking Tool Set: It was created with the help of expert bakers and our community of passionate home cooks, so it might be just what you're looking for. Also! This article covers the 10 tools for baking bread that Josey Baker finds essential:
Gammy April 9, 2021
I agree with Nancy! A straight edge metal dough scraper is great to use on your counter to flip your dough over. A curved plastic scraper is great for getting those last bits of dough (bread, cookie, biscuit) or of your mixing bowl. Get yourself that scale (I love my Oxo 11 pound counter top scale) and an instant read thermometer: you will use for everything including grilling, roasting and baking. Also get a roll or box of parchment paper sheets... it really helps baking and cleanup.
Nancy April 9, 2021
I have a stainless steel dough scraper and like it for crisp way it divides the dough, but plastic also works well.
Any good knife can make slits in dough.
If budget allows, two important additions are a scale for weighing ingredients, thermometer for heating liquids to safely proof yeast.
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