Take and bake sale for a fundraiser does anyone have any recommendations for packaging?

I am planning on making cinnamon buns (along with the glaze) and I wanted to sell them from the fridge to patrons so that they can proof them when they arrive home and bake them at home. How would I package them so that they are able to bake the cinnamon buns directly in the container? Should I use a foil tray?



AntoniaJames August 26, 2021
Years ago, I made unbaked cinnamon buns - shaped after the first proofing and then frozen -- which I gave to friends and neighbors on Christmas Eve for baking Christmas morning.

I used round foil baking pans with coated paper lids, like these https://tinyurl.com/FoilTakeoutRound9in , which I purchased at the Smart and Final store in our area.

You should be able to get them from a local restaurant supply store if Smart and Final or a similar store selling to small businesses does not have them - or you could order them online. It was such a wonderful gift! Our friends would just leave the buns out on the counter overnight to thaw and proof, and then bake them early the next morning.

I made sticky buns, with brown sugar, butter, chopped pecans, and cinnamon on the bottom of the pan, so they could be flipped over for serving, without the need for icing. I taped baking instructions to the lid and tied a cheerful red ribbon around the pans.

The nice thing about this gift is that you can make the dough and shape the buns several weeks in advance and freeze them. The tight lids on those foil pans help keep the dough in perfect shape - no freezer burn whatsoever. ;o)
Wendy April 13, 2021
Many coffee shops and bakeries where I live sell frozen cinnamon buns to “take and bake”. Some sell them in fours, eights or dozens in different sized foil trays. I have only bought them a couple of times for gifts (because I prefer to make them) and when I do give them I always enclose a sheet of parchment paper to bake them in.
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