Take and bake sale for a fundraiser does anyone have any recommendations for packaging?

I am planning on making cinnamon buns (along with the glaze) and I wanted to sell them from the fridge to patrons so that they can proof them when they arrive home and bake them at home. How would I package them so that they are able to bake the cinnamon buns directly in the container? Should I use a foil tray?

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1 Comment

Wendy April 13, 2021
Many coffee shops and bakeries where I live sell frozen cinnamon buns to “take and bake”. Some sell them in fours, eights or dozens in different sized foil trays. I have only bought them a couple of times for gifts (because I prefer to make them) and when I do give them I always enclose a sheet of parchment paper to bake them in.
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