Easy weeknight pastas you go back to again and again

Even dedicated home cooks hit slumps (hello, mid-workweek) and when that happens, pasta can be a great way out. What easy weeknight pastas do you have in your back pocket?

Emily Kochman


HalfPint April 15, 2021
Nigella's lemon cream pasta. 5 ingredients (egg yolk, parma reg, cream, lemon zest), 10 minutes.
Emily K. April 15, 2021
Love this recipe—thanks for suggesting this, HalfPint!
Happygoin April 14, 2021
My fave is pasta with sausage and broccoli rabe. I throw in a handful of golden raisins which play nicely with the bitter of the rabe.
Emily K. April 15, 2021
Couldn't agree more—thanks for sharing, Happygoin.
BakerBren April 14, 2021
Buttered pasta topped with roast vegetables. The vegetables can be swapped around for whatever is in season or needs to be used up. I roast after tossing with a basic vinaigrette, but added spices vary depending on the whim of the day. The vegetables can be roasted ahead of time or when needed. Sometimes I add beans, kale, or meats into the roast vegetable mix. And I pre-portion leftovers directly into storage containers for future lunches. It can be reheated or eaten cold as pasta salad.
Emily K. April 15, 2021
The perfect weeknight dinner makes for a great lunch the next day, too. Love this strategy, BakerBren—and doesn't hurt that it likely requires minimal cleanup!
MMH April 14, 2021
Frozen cheese tortellini/ravioli with frozen pesto from our garden.
Emily K. April 15, 2021
Prepared ingredients from the freezer = midweek perfection! Thanks, MMH.
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