how much olive oil to use in roast potatoes, carrots etc.

Every time I try to roast potatoes and once, carrots, the food comes out too oily. I am obviously putting on too much olive oil. Can someone give me a rule of thumb as to how much oil to put on so they don't get greasy?

  • Posted by: GMT3010
  • April 22, 2021


MMH April 23, 2021
I also think it helps to make sure that you give the veggies enough space in the pan so they roast and carmelize. If you crowd the pan, they will steam in the oil.
GMT3010 April 23, 2021
Thank you very much. I have always got that wrong. I also need to get parchment paper, I guess that's better than aluminum foil.
Valhalla April 23, 2021
I don't measure, I just drizzle it over. Add a little at a time, and then toss the veg with your hands (or a spoon) until the pieces are coated but there is not oil pooling in the pan--you'll get there! I think using parchment to line the pan helps too, as it may absorb some of the oil.
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