What spices aside from 'apple pie spices' might add some unexpected flavors to the apple chips I am making?

Amy Ward


Elisabeth August 27, 2014
You could try adding some curry powder.
catalinalacruz August 27, 2014
I vote for ground cardamom and ginger.
AntoniaJames August 25, 2014
Ground freshly toasted coriander seeds plus the tiniest pinch possible of cinnamon, and a touch of salt.
Raquelita August 24, 2014
agave and chile pepper dust
Summer O. August 23, 2014
I also use Chinese 5 spice in my apple pie. Specifically the Reims blend from La Boite NYC. Curry powder in moderation might be a nice addition to your chips as well.
Susan W. August 22, 2014
Coincidentally, my mom just made ginger, wasabi, sea salt apple chips. I was ready to hate them. They were so good!!
maimai50 August 22, 2014
fresh grated ginger and mace
Stevie W. August 22, 2014
Try long pepper - here's a great recipe for spices apple chips http://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2013/oct/05/10-best-apple-recipes-bramley-coxes
London_Eats August 21, 2014
Some ideas:

* Mint, basil or sage. You can get some exotic flavours like chocolate mint or blackcurrant sage.
* If you can get them, ground tonka bean (it has a lovely tobacco/cinnamon/vanilla/marzipan flavour) but I think it is banned in the US (!)
* Ground dried orange, lemon or grapefruit peel
* Spanish dried smoked pepper
* Sumac powder
* Ground nigella (black onion seed)
* Ginger
witloof August 21, 2014
I adore freshly grated nutmeg with apple. Not entirely unexpected, of course, but perfect.
plainhomecook August 21, 2014
I think cardamom would be good.
Nancy August 21, 2014
I like fennel/anise with apple. Also rosemary.
Laura S. August 21, 2014
Rose water
jilhil August 21, 2014
How about Chinese 5 spice powder?
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