Is my Soy milk fit for consumption?

I was making soy milk. It seems to be curdling. Is it normal?

  • Posted by: Vaani
  • April 26, 2021
  • 1 Comment

1 Comment

Lori T. April 26, 2021
If your soy milk is curdling as you extract the liquid from the solids, then although it's not the "normal" soy milk- it is normal for tofu. Tofu is simply coagulated soy proteins, with the curds pressed into soft blocks. Now the reason why soy milk, or any other milk- be it cow, goat, almond or soy- curdles, is because of acid. Acid makes the protein molecules stick together in clumps, squeezing out the water in the process. It's also possible that your water is particularly hard, containing high amounts of either calcium or magnesium. Those happen to be two things routinely used to make tofu- that is soy curds. So you may wish to check your water, and opt to use a filtered version.
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