Thoughtful Mother’s Day brunch ideas

If you’ll be cooking or baking (or both!) for a Mother’s Day brunch this year, what ideas are at the top of your list? From olive-oil granola ( and mochi pancakes ( to slow-roasted salmon ( and pimentón fried eggs (, tell us below: What will you be making for mom?

Emily Kochman
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1 Comment

AntoniaJames June 20, 2021
Alas, my mother is no longer with us, but if she were here, I'd serve liptauer cheese, something she absolutely adored (my version is here: along with the best smoked salmon I could buy (lox from best deli within 100 miles), red onion pickles (from this keeper of a recipe: as she did not care for red onions, nor do I), arugula, capers, etc., with slices of a great seeded bread, toasted.

I'd put out cream cheese with chopped olive-bar-sourced marinated olives stirred into, because there would be attendees, no doubt, who don't care much for anchovies.

There would also be family members who are not crazy about smoked salmon, so I'd put out a fabulous, locally sourced (Sky Pilot Farm, here) artisanal bacon, and some sliced tomatoes, for do-it yourself BLTs - using cream cheese or liptauer instead of mayo - how's that for decadence! (I'd put out some mayo too, however, for the inevitable traditionalists.)

Mother wouldn't want a dessert for herself, I don't think, but she would, of course, want the others there who do like sweets at brunches to have a little something. I'd therefore make her legendary sour cream cake - everyone's favorite! I'd make it a few days before - more convenient, but also because it's best on the 2d or 3d day. I'd serve it with macerated cut strawberries.

I'd also put out a pound or two of See's assorted chocolates, because everyone in my extended family (especially certain in-laws) loves them, and we only get them for the most special occasions.

The question asked for a thoughtful brunch and in writing this, I see that the real thoughtfulness in this menu would come not just by putting out my mother's favorite things, but also by doing exactly what she would have wanted - thinking about what everyone else would enjoy, making sure that the menu wasn't just about her. Mother would have loved that.
Thanks for asking! ;o)
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