Is whole grain rye flour the same as pumpernickel flour?

I do not grind my own flour. My local source has “rye flour” and “pumpernickel flour” which is made from whole grain rye. Is this what I should use for this recipe?



Nancy May 2, 2021
Just some background information on what's in the market, and two ways of making pumpernickel bread.
Maurizio L. May 1, 2021
As Lori said, pumpernickel is whole grain rye flour. Yes, the recipe calls for whole-grain rye, pumpernickel will work!
Lori T. May 1, 2021
Yes, it is. Pumpernickel flour is a whole grain product. As a rule, the darker the flour, the more of the whole grain it contains. With rye flour, that means as a rule that "dark" rye flour will contain most of the rye berry - the bran, germ, and endosperm. Since some companies still remove part of the bran or endosperm of even dark rye, the best bet if you want the whole grain, and all of it - is to by pumpernickel.
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