What can you sub for rye flour?

What is a good substitute for rye flour? I rarely can find it in my grocery stores... The only one I do see is Bob's Red Mill Dark Rye, would this work? Any guidance on where to find other kinds of flours?

  • Posted by: Kait
  • August 3, 2022


Gammy August 4, 2022
I just visited this mill today outside Helen, GA, and almost bought some rye flour. They stone grind all their flour themselves. They do have an online store: https://shop.noramill.com/Flours_c13.htm
Nancy August 3, 2022
Kait - I've had the same problem finding rye flour.
Best options in bricks and mortar have been bulk foods store (spices, cereals, flours, etc) and health food stores.
Or you go online, if you have enough time before you need/want to make this loaf.
On substitutions - don't know any and would be cautious of using regular wheat flour because rye has both a distinctive taste and less gluten than wheat.
So if you can't find the rye flour and like the idea of this bread, maybe look for an olive bread recipe already developed with wheat flour.
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