Would this work with an AP flour?

Hezel Judah
3-Ingredient Buckwheat Brownies
Recipe question for: 3-Ingredient Buckwheat Brownies


Jessica M. May 2, 2021
The answer is, yes you can. But to try to get the same consistency would be difficult. They will be bland and crunchier than the buckwheat version. But if you have picky eaters... Girl.. I get it. LOL
Lori T. May 1, 2021
There are recipes on the web for a three ingredient brownie made with AP flour, so you could likely substitute it in this recipe. The question is why would you want to? The whole reason for using the buckwheat, or even one of the other whole grain suggested substitutes, was to get a nuttier flavor addition from the flour. You won't get that from AP flour.
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