pastry flour vs ap flour

making banana bread today. ran out of ap flour-used it for the bread i was also making. had pastry flour but wasn't sure if it would work. went to store for more ap flour. still wondering though, what does pastry flour have (or that it is missing) that makes it different from ap flour? would it have worked?

  • Posted by: mcd2
  • December 30, 2011


mcd2 December 30, 2011
what does tender mean in this context? is that a reference to the "crumb" quality?
boulangere December 30, 2011
AP flour has a protein (gluten) content of about 10%. Pastry flour is around 8-9%, so the difference isn't huge. Your banana bread would have been a bit more tender is all.
Amanda H. December 30, 2011
Boulangere, would it have risen as well? I would think that it might collapse a bit. If not, should we all be using pastry flour for our banana breads?!
mcd2 December 30, 2011
thanks! that's what i was remembering-less gluten. didn't trust my memory for sure though. and not sure how much gluten matters in a quick bread anyway. glad i went to the store after all.
Amanda H. December 30, 2011
Pastry flour contains less gluten, so you would have ended up with a denser banana bread -- not sure if it would have held together.
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