Could I use potato flour (as in the King Arthur Flour recipes) in place of the mashed potato?

I have an entire bag, and would like to test a different recipe than theirs, in the hopes that yours are more bun like, but don't have potatoes! I presume I can, but am not sure how much to increase the liquid.

Martha Castillo
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Hot Dog & Hamburger Potato Buns
Recipe question for: Hot Dog & Hamburger Potato Buns

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Nancy May 3, 2021
From years of using mashed potatoes in breads and cakes, my instinct was to NOT use the potato flour instead of the mashed potatoes (bc their physical qualities are so different).
Looked at King Arthur site to confirm or contradict my instinct, and one of their articles on substituting for potato flour ALSO advise against.
Rather, to use up your potato flour, better go to recipes designed and tested for it. Notable good ones are various batters for deep frying and Swedish breads and pastries.
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