Which one is the middle rack in a six-rack oven?

I have 6 racks in my oven — which one would be considered the “middle” rack? The one closest to the top heating element or the bottom? Thanks!



Emmie May 4, 2021
I wouldn't bother rotating midway through so that you minimize the number of times you open the oven door; just pick one and stick with it. If you're baking something tall, use the lower rack. If you're baking something you want a bit browner on top, use the higher one.
Emmie May 4, 2021
Also, sometimes ovens have an even number of racks but they aren't spaced evenly--take a ruler to them and measure the distance between the top and bottom. One may actually be in the center!
Thanks! Good call on measuring. They look pretty even. Pan height also factors, but every single time it says “middle rack” in a recipe I get a deer in headlights look! I’ll keep your advice in mind.
Nancy May 4, 2021
Emmie -
You have a good point about oven door and possible temperature drop with door open for delicate things where the door shouldn't be opened (like a soufflé).
For sturdier things, the switching racks is not only ok but recommended by some recipes.
I would say, use judgement each time, based on what's being cooked or baked.
Nancy May 4, 2021
Aim is to get even, true heating without hot spots from either top or bottom element cycling on during the cooking, or hot air rising to top, as it does.
Aim is for middle. If there is no single rack half way between top and bottom, use the two middle racks and rotate what you are cooking/baking partway through.
Thanks, Nancy!
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