Easy weekday lunches (that are perfect for when you're in a rush)

What are the tried-and-true lunches that get you through a busy week? Share your fave go-to's below—we know our community would love to hear from you!

Emily Kochman


HalfPint May 14, 2021
Last night's leftovers are usually lunch the next day. It can be difficult to cook for 2. Most recipes are 4-6. So I almost always have leftovers, that I can enjoy the next day(s). Some things like chicken & rice tastes even better the next day.
Emily K. May 14, 2021
Leftovers always! Thanks, HalfPint.
Nancy May 12, 2021
Not a recipe but a method.
Prepare vegetables (partially or wholly) when you bring them in from the store (or garden, if you are so lucky). These can be kept for several days and used for lunches or dinner prep.
Also keep on hand some ready cooked or ready to eat carbs (bread, crackers) and protein (canned beans, meat leftovers from dinner, tofu or tempeh)
Then when lunch time rolls around, add some broth or dressing to make a soup, salad or sandwich.
Voila - lunch!
Nancy May 12, 2021
Meant to include cooked carbs in the ready-to-eat ideas - rice, noodles, whole grains.
Emily K. May 12, 2021
Couldn't agree with these suggestions more, Nancy—having ready-to-go ingredients or meal components makes all the difference!
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