Is the amount of flour correct?

These came out like a thick fudge sauce. A wonderful flavor, but not brownies. I followed the recipe exactly, but they never set.

Cheddar Brownies
Recipe question for: Cheddar Brownies


Nancy May 18, 2021
Two thoughts.
If you didn't let the brownies cool and set after removing from oven, tryvthat next time.
If you did allow for setting and it still came out squidgy, try other cheese brownie recipes that use about 3 eggs and one cup flour.
Jbeatty103 May 18, 2021
Thank you. I did let them cool completely, so will try increasing the flour.
Nancy May 19, 2021
Here's a sample recipe using fewer eggs and more flour than in the example on food52 and than in an almost identical recipe by Rachael Ray.
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