Can I reduce the amount of sea salt without affecting the bread in any way?

Both this recipe and your Sourdough Bread with AP flour call for 9 grams of sea salt. I'm trying to reduce my sodium intake but don't want to mess with the outcome! Thanks.
Sourdough Schiacciata
Recipe question for: Sourdough Schiacciata


Made the Sourdough Bread with AP flour and reduced the salt from 9 to 8 grams. I'm very pleased with the result and the taste was spot on, although I'm not sure I'd reduce it further unless I try Lori's advice. I added sunflower seeds and replaced part of the AP with WW and overnight proofed in the fridge, baking the next morning. This might be my go-to bread, especially when I only want to bake one loaf. Ready to try the schiacciata next! Thanks to all who helped me out here.
Maurizio L. May 24, 2021
So glad to see and hear that! It looks delicious 🙂 Have fun with the schiacciata; it's a fun and easy one!
Lori T. May 21, 2021
I'm a bit late to this - but if you want to reduce sodium in baked goods, consider replacing some of your regular salt with potassium chloride. That's another sort of salt, and chemically it reacts in baked goods like bread in an almost identical manner. It will still help regulate the yeast, and add the taste enhancement you want- without the sodium. You can use something like Morton's Lite Salt, or mix up your own 50/50 mix using sea salt if you wanted. I've done this for years, to help with my late husband's blood pressure control. In small amounts used for baking, I've never noticed a taste change. Now for topping purposes, I prefer regular salt crystals, but at least this gives you an option to consider.
Maurizio L. May 20, 2021
As HalfPint said, you can reduce the salt, but don't adjust too much because it'll affect dough strength (reduced) and fermentation rates (increased). If it were me, I'd leave the salt in the dough as-is, but skip any salt sprinkled on top.
Thanks, Maurizio - I'm working with the Sourdough Bread with AP Flour today. I'm looking for a slight reduction of sodium so I reduced the sea salt from 9 grams to 8.4 grams. We'll see what happens, fingers are crossed. Next up is the Schiacciata. I've made your focaccia several times and every time has been successful. It freezes beautifully and is great with soup as well as with anything Italian. Will keep you posted on the reduced sodium exercise.
Maurizio L. May 20, 2021
Awesome—yes, please keep me updated and happy baking!
HalfPint May 20, 2021
Yes, you can to a degree. The only effect might be the proof time. The dough might proof faster without salt, since salt can slow yeast growth. But you can get away with less salt. That said, 9 grams of salt is about 1 1/2 tsp, which is not a lot of salt for that much flour (520g).
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