What is Sourdough discard hydration

The main ingredient is the sourdough discard. It specifies for 100% hydration. What does that mean?

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Sourdough Discard Dog Treats
Recipe question for: Sourdough Discard Dog Treats

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Emily S. May 24, 2021
Hydration refers to the amount of water by weight in the starter. The higher the water content, the higher the percentage. In this case, 100% hydration means that the starter is equal parts flour and water by weight, which is a typical ratio when it comes to maintaining a sourdough starter. I tested the recipe with a 100% hydration starter, but if yours has a higher or lower hydration, you can still make this recipe (it's very forgiving!). You will just need to adjust the amount of whole wheat flour, adding it in increments until your dough is lightly tacky.
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