Stovetop grilled fish - recipe for disaster?

I’m in the mood for grilled fish but live in an apt. Was planning. On getting skin on fish but shop didn’t have anything affordable. So I have haddock filets. Can these be grilled? I was thinking to marinate them in garlic herb oil and throw them on a hot grilled plan. Is this going to be a disaster? Please advise!



Gammy June 5, 2021
Sounds great! My only advice would be to make sure you either have open windows and/or cover or close off any smoke detectors. My detectors are very sensitive and invariably I set one of the darn things off, even just broiling fish!
Nancy June 5, 2021
Agree. Also, some type of fine mesh to keep the fish from falling between the grill bars once cooked. Or, maybe wrap the fish in foil with added flavorings and cook that way on the grill.
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