how long to marinate salmon

we are planning to grill tonight to eat in 2 hours. I have an olive oil based mediterranean marinade. How long should I marinate it for? Thank you



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pierino June 12, 2016
If you have good salmon I would skip the marinade altogether. Perhaps brush it on toward the end of grilling but don't let it sit in a marinade. That's a waste of good fish.
PHIL June 12, 2016
Susan is right, depends on the marinade but 30 minutes should be good. Salmon has such a nice flavor it doesn't need to be over marinated
Susan W. June 12, 2016
An hour is probably long enough. Maybe even 20 minutes if it contains acid. I have been marinating salmon with no acid overnight which results in wonderful flavor. Acid changes the texture of fish, so less time is better.
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