Questions from Whole Foods Market customers

The closest Whole Foods is 45 minutes away on a good day with no traffic, so I haven't been there and haven't seen the foodpickle computer kiosk. I assume that shoppers ask a question and wait for an answer. I haven't answered because I figure I wouldn't wait longer than a few minutes. Are foodpickle questions and answers stored or archived on the WF computer so that they're searchable? Should we answer even if it's an hour or more later than the question was asked? Are all 10,000+ recipes on food52 available to WF shoppers without having to log in?



aargersi April 18, 2011
Wow - that's pretty slick! Proud to know that Austin TX is part of the pilot! Of course, Whole Foods did start right here deep in the heart of TEXAS!!!!
Merrill S. April 17, 2011
Go ahead and answer! When you ask a question at the WFM kiosk (and there are only two in existence so far, in Rockville, Md. and Austin, Tx.), you enter your email address or phone number so that we can email or text your answer to you as you wander around the store, or even once you're home. So no need to worry about people standing there at the kiosk, looking at their watches -- every answer helps! And we only present our vetted recipes (EPs and winners) on the iPad -- it's pretty much the same as it is on food52, where you don't have to log in to view recipes, only with a smaller selection.
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