Pan size alternates? Mini loaf pan

How many mini bread pans or muffins could I use? What temp and for how long please?

Miso Banana Bread
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AntoniaJames June 22, 2021
I made a similar recipe for decades (have since moved to a high altitude area, so I'm using another) which fit nicely into 4 mini loaves. Those took 23 - 26 minutes to bake, depending on how long the oven had been heated before putting them in, on the temperature of the ingredients, etc.

NB: There are several sizes of mini loaf pans, so the batter may fill up the smaller ones a bit more. Also, remember that there can be differences in the moisture level of the bananas, depending on how ripe they are, etc., so check the loaves with a cake tester.

Nancy June 22, 2021
The original loaf pan holds about 6c.
Using cupcake pan, this recipe will make about 9 to 12.
Using mini loaf pans at 2c each, about 3.
Baking time for cupcakes is about 15-18 minutes.
For mini loaves, time about midway between cupcakes and original loaf.
In future - to figure out converstions see baking pan charts (from the likes of King Arthur or allrecipes).
Baking times are fairly standard, so look at another recipe for that size pan.
Nancy June 22, 2021
Mini loaf baking time - about 25 minutes.
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