Portion pieces description for recipe

Hi there. In this recipe it calls for pieces. Does 1 piece tomato equal one tomato or one onion? (not cut in pieces)?.

West African Peanut Soup
Recipe question for: West African Peanut Soup


drbabs July 4, 2021
Reading the recipe, I think the author used the word piece to indicate a while whatever it is, so it would read:
3 Tomatoes
1 Bell Pepper
2 Scotch Bonnet
2 Onion
6 Chicken drumsticks
few sprigs Thyme
2 Garlic cloves

Hope this helps.
drbabs July 4, 2021
Whole, not while. Sorry.
Abi O. July 5, 2021
Thanks drbabs. You are right, 1 piece on the recipe indicated 1 whole unit of the ingredient. I apologise for any confusions and will update the recipe to make things more clear.
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