Are there recipes that go good with this? What would you do with it?

Add to pasta? Is it a side on it's own? Some recipes with this as an ingredient would be helpful.

Eggplant Confit
Recipe question for: Eggplant Confit


AntoniaJames July 7, 2021
One of my favorite summer lunches is a piece of frittata full of garden herbs (made previously, cold from the fridge) on a sandwich made using thinly sliced whole grain bread, toasted, (or a whole wheat "sandwich slim"), with leftover grilled vegetables layered on the sandwich - I slice zucchini and eggplant extra thin for grilling, just for this purpose. I'd do the same thing with this dish, substituting the confit for the grilled vegetables. For people who like cheese sandwiches - either cold or prepared as "grilled cheese," this confit would also be delicious if included in the sandwich.

In each case, I'd splash on a bit of red wine or sherry vinegar, to brighten it up. ;o)
Nancy July 7, 2021
In addition to dishes mentioned so far, I woukd experiment adding this eggplant confit anywhere you like and with summer foods. Like: on top of grilled steak or hamburger, in cold stuffed zucchini or tomato soup, on a Sicilian pasta dish.
drbabs July 6, 2021
I think this would be delicious in a vegetarian muffuletta. I’d use this recipe and replace the cauliflower with the confit eggplant.
Emma L. July 6, 2021
Hey Jessica! Rebekah, the author, shares some great serving ideas in the accompanying article: "The eggplant confit slices are ideal served as a side, spread on crusty bread, or chopped up and strewn over hummus or labneh as a simple snack. But the recipe’s rich, savory, garlic-thyme-umami-laced by-product might just be my favorite part—sometimes I make this dish just to get the oil. Whisk it into vinaigrettes, use it to fry glorious eggs, dip bread in it, drizzle it with a heavy hand over pasta or sliced tomatoes or roasted vegetables; the list goes on." Rest of the piece is here:
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