Substitute puff pastry for tortillas

Probably not super viable, but could I top the succotash with a few corn tortillas instead of puff pastry? Biggest concern would probably be burning the tortillas(?).

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One-Skillet Succotash Pot Pie
Recipe question for: One-Skillet Succotash Pot Pie

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702551 July 10, 2021
My guess is that with some experimentation (and possibly some failed attempts) you can get the corn tortilla substitution to work.

Unlike puff dough, corn tortillas are already fully cooked so your challenge will be to get the filling to the desired temperature/consistency before the tortillas overcook/dry out.

My inclination would be to cover the dish (with the tortillas) with aluminum foil for most of the baking, then remove the foil toward the end to crisp them back up.

I would use try to use one large tortilla (and trim any overhanging edges) rather than trying to layer a bunch of small tortillas. This might require you to buy a bag of large tortillas and find some other usage for the unused ones. That wouldn't be a problem in my household although admitted I prefer small tortillas.

No matter what, the tortilla-for-puff-dough sub should be edible since the former is already cooked. No raw dough to content with.

Best of luck.
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