How do I give baked goods to my neighbors I don't know?

Help! I've lived in my neighborhood for 7 years now, but still don't know many of my neighbors...I want to give them some baking...but how? How to make it not awkward? Will they not want home-baked food because of Covid concerns? And I don't know them...would it be acceptable to just drop a note and box of cookies on their doorstep and leave?

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Selma M. July 21, 2021
How would you feel if a stranger dropped food on your doorstep, and ran? Wouldn't you wonder, "WHY"?
Elena July 20, 2021
drop a note is a best way
Nancy July 15, 2021
Mouse & Mole -

If your aim is to bake and give, then go with drbabs' and Miss_Karen's approaches.
But if your aim is a more general neighborliness. I might make other gifts at a time when people may be shy of home-made food from outside their bubbles.
Food ideas: store-bought sweet or savory baked goods, small packages of dried fruit or nuts, morning coffee or tea, afternoon snack.
Service ideas: if you have the means and want to do this much, offer help to those who might need it. Take or send a package, do a grocery run, drive to a medical appointment.
Miss_Karen July 14, 2021
Don't do the drop & dash! That defeats the reason for wanting to get to know them. I would personally be more likely to accept cookies from a person than just plunked down on my doorstep. Just be polite and explain that you just are being neighborly and thought you would be a bit social after being quarantined for so long. Nobody has to know you have been there 7 years. If they decline the cookies, and they might,don't freak out. Just wish them a pleasant day and try a different neighbor.
drbabs July 14, 2021
I’ve been in your shoes, and that’s a tough one. I’m curious as to why you want to do this. Is there someone you want to get to know better? If so, maybe inviting them to your backyard for a cup of coffee or a glass of wine (to minimize COVID concerns) would be better. You can then give them a small container of your baked goods to thank them for coming. In fact, a (now) friend of mine did just that. She was widowed right before Covid and she’s a very social person. She has a great screened porch. So all through last year, she invited people over one at a time for a porch visit. She had a little bag of cookies or homemade candy for each of us as we were leaving. I felt like she and I got to know each other well and became friends through those porch visits. I hope this helps. I’ve also done what you suggested—just given out baked goods—but my experience with that was that people were pleased with the gift but it didn’t lead to any kind of friendship.
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