How to adjust recipe for Lemon curd mousse cake

  • Posted by: bailboy
  • July 18, 2021


Miss_Karen July 19, 2021
Alice Medrich's recipe for lemon curd is THE BEST EVER. (Her chocolate recipes are beyond compare as well.)
Nancy July 19, 2021
Not your question, but another approach to a lemon curd dessert.
Don't work on adjusting the lemon curd mousse (which can be difficult and take a few times).
Rather, take a tried and true lemon curd (like Alice Medrich one here) and serve it on a simple cake or cookie base.
Miss_Karen July 18, 2021
There are tons of lemon curd recipes that use minimal sugar (& NO cornstarch...) Google lemon curd to get a reference. You could probably reduce the gelatin to a scant 3 tsp. And still be ok. (4 tsp is over a tablespoon, and that IS a lot- in my opinion.)
drbabs July 18, 2021
I just flipped through the recipe, and most of the reviews are quite good. So I wouldn’t worry too much about the naysayers. Also, it’s a pretty complicated dessert, so I’d think you wouldn’t want to veer too much away from the original recipe the first time you make it. Several people reduced the sugar in the curd to 1 3/4 cups, so that seems like it would work, I would not adjust the gelatin because the cake might not set up. As for the egg whites, you can use pasteurized eggs if you’re concerned about the raw egg whites in the recipe. I hope this helps.
bailboy July 18, 2021
My question is trove following recipe -
Many reviewers found the mousse too gelatinous and the curd too sweet. How would you suggest cutting down on the gelatin? Also, what would you advise about the raw egg whites?
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